Here are the forces which are shaping asset allocation…

Below investors can explore three of the most important themes underpinning markets and economies: the transition towards a greener economic blueprint, the transformative force of artificial intelligence, and the shifting picture of macroeconomic conditions.


Megatrends: The Transformation of Labor Markets (PGIM)

The forces reshaping the global workforce will impact everything from wages, productivity and employment to economic growth, inflation and fiscal deficits.

Cyclical Outlook: Post Peak (PIMCO)

Macroeconomic forces are coming together to create a new landscape for investors. What can allocators expect from the global economy over the next year?

Trade Finance: A Portfolio Staple? (Allianz Global Investors)

For compliance reasons, this paper is NOT accessible in the United States and Canada

Trade finance funds much of the commerce economies are built on and it is also becoming an increasingly crucial part of many investors’ portfolios.


Charting A Realistic Path Toward Net Zero (Robeco)

Any informed decision on the energy transition has to come from a first-principles attitude about the physics and economics of existing and future climate technologies.

Effective Carbon Price: The Missing Link For Carbon As An Alpha (Man Group)

As global carbon emission policies and regulations become increasingly stringent, the costs associated with carbon emissions are expected to rise significantly.

Plastic Packaging (PGIM Fixed Income)

This paper addresses the problems with plastic packaging and the thorny trade-offs from alternative materials.


Generative AI: Separating Hype From Opportunity (Wellington Management)

Artificial Intelligence is all over the news. But what exactly is real about its potential and what is fiction? This podcast dives deep into this question.

AI: Where The Chips Fall (Jennison Associates)

Chips are the heart of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. If the chip manufacturing sector is disrupted, the future of AI is also disrupted.

The Data Opportunity: Institutional Investors In The Age Of AI (State Street)

Capturing the benefits of data in the age of AI is a potentially transformative opportunity for financial services firms and the investment industry.

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