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The market is a noisy place. So too is the space where it is covered. To separate what information is necessary from what is not, we have selected some of the most relevant and up-to-date pieces on key developments pertinent to CIOs the world over.

Stranded Energy Assets – A $8 Trillion Challenge (BNP Paribas AM)

Based on a recent study undertaken by BNP Paribas AM, the cost of decommissioning the economy of traditional energy sources could reach almost $8 trillion over the next decades.

Equity Investing For A New Era: The Return Of Alpha (BlackRock)

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The era of easy money has ended. The post-pandemic era is setting up to be more volatile with greater differentiation across individual stocks.

Factor Performance Under Different Inflation Regimes (FTSE Russell)

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This paper examines the factor performance under alternating inflation regimes for different factor index series’ since January 2003.

De-Risking with Fixed Income: The Way Ahead (MacKay Shields)

Falling inflation and slowing economic growth should limit further increases in long-term interest rates. What lies ahead for fixed income allocators?

Financing The Energy Transition (Nuveen)

Energy security and climate change are driving an unparalleled economic shift worldwide and reshaping the investment landscape for green energy credit as a result.

AI, Meet SI: Artificial Intelligence For Sustainable Investing (Robeco)

AI represents a big opportunity. But it also brings risks. Regulation could lie at the heart of moves to stop any threat—real or imagined—that AI poses.

Do Media Narratives Influence Financial Markets? (State Street)

Not just government and central bank policies move markets. Media narratives also impact investors’ perceptions and thus they have an effect on prices.

Global Wealth Report 2023 (UBS)

This edition of the Global Wealth Report provides allocators with a deep understanding of the changing dynamics of where big money is flowing: across borders and across assets.

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