The latest insights into ETFs

The ETF industry has grown substantially over the last 30 years. The products on offer have also become more diverse. As such, the opportunities for investors have multiplied—but so have the risks. This collection of insights provides allocators with some of the latest perspectives on the ETF marketplace.

The Bank of Japan’s ETF Purchase Program and Securities Lending (BIS)

In 2010, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) established a program to conduct outright purchases of various financial assets (including ETFs) to stimulate the economy.

How ETFs Can Promote Price Transparency And Discovery (State Street)

This engaging discussion explores the history of ETFs, their role in investors’ portfolios and what the future may hold for these innovative products.

The Exotic Side of Exchange-traded Funds (Bank Underground)

The first ETF launched in 1993. Since then, ETFs have grown in number, size, and popularity—enabling investors to gain passive exposure to different markets.

Gold ETF Outflows Continued In August (World Gold Council)

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Physically-backed gold ETFs continued to suffer outflows in August. Find out what is behind this market dynamic in the latest commentary from World Gold Council.

ETF Premiums And Discounts, Explained (Vanguard)

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The value of an ETF is determined in a number of ways, each of which can affect an investor’s experience. Some of these are explored here.

How Good Is the Ark Innovation ETF? (TEBI)

The ARK Innovation ETF is one of the most talked-about funds in the world. Does the performance live up to the hype?

ETF Ownership and Seasoned Equity Offerings (Journal of FQA)

From 2000 to 2021, the U.S. exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry grew from 80 ETFs managing $66 billion to 2,570 funds with $7.2 trillion in assets under management.

ETFs, Investor Behavior, and Hedge Fund Fees (Rational Reminder Podcast)

A deep dive into the ETF industry, this podcast offers investors an opportunity to learn more about recent developments affecting these products.

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