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The latest insights into the changing world of fixed income

Investors are paying closer attention to key fixed income markets as the world continues to adapt to higher interest rates. To aid allocators in navigating this new regime, the collection of insights below offers some of the latest assessments of global credit markets. It touches on everything from private credit to sovereign debt and green bonds.

The Upward March of Rates (PGIM Fixed Income)

Just as investors never caught up with the 40-year secular decline in rates, the inverted curve could be with us for some time, leaving a boon for yield-curve strategies.

Opportunities For Debt Investors in EU Real Estate (BNP Paribas AM)

In Europe, highly regulated banks dominate the commercial real estate lending market, in contrast to the United States.

How Serious is the Unfolding Chinese Debt Crisis? (Absolute Return Partners LLP)

One of the biggest concerns is the psychological impact a meltdown might have on other financial markets, should things go from bad to worse in China.

Securitized Assets: Technicals Create Opportunity (Natixis IM)

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Fundamentals in securitized bonds backed by residential real estate and consumer related assets are strong, but some of their biggest institutional buyers have stepped back.

Income Generator: Back In Bonds (Allspring Global Investments)

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What can bond investors do to maximise the returns generated by their fixed income assets? This report offers some insightful answers.

Investing in the Energy Transition with Debt Products (Allianz)

Investing in energy transition assets offers institutional debt investors an opportunity to actively contribute to the global shift towards sustainable energy sources.

Greenium, Credit Rating, and the COVID-19 Pandemic (Journal of Asset Management)

Corporations have the opportunity to label bonds as green if they use the proceeds of the bonds to fund projects with an environmental benefit.

A 2023 Primer for Crypto Credit Markets (Global Risk Institute)

This primer provides an overview of the key applications and mechanisms of lending markets in the crypto space.

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