Long-term views on developing economies

China’s slowdown is bound to affect the performance of some emerging markets (EM). However, looking at developing economies from a fundamental perspective, investors can still spot plenty of opportunities. Indeed, the return profile of many EM assets is higher relative to their developed markets counterparts. But so are the risks…

The Alpha And Beta Of Emerging Markets Equities (Robeco)

Emerging markets may achieve higher economic growth than developed markets because starting at a lower base leaves more room for catching up.

Secular Stars: India And Indonesia As Global Economic Leaders (PIMCO)

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Growth in India is expected to outpace that of China this year and next, with Indonesia following closely behind in third place among major economies, according to the OECD.

BRICS Will Take Some Time To Make Progress On “De-Dollarisation” (Macrobond)

BRICS expansion follows the U.S. has seen its steepest-ever rate-tightening cycle, which along with the greenback’s safe-haven status has led to a sharp appreciation in USD.

Does Democracy Matter for Emerging Sovereign Debt? (GMO)

This paper shows that emerging countries are less free and democratic than their developed counterparts, a reality that was hammered home by the events of 2022.

Shanghai Cold Storage: An Investor’s Guide (CBRE)

Occupier trends for cold storage facilities in Shanghai vary according to location, the presence of industrial clusters and surrounding infrastructure.

New Energy Outlook India 2023 (BloombergNEF)

India’s transition to a diversified and low-carbon energy system is already underway, driven by supportive national policies and favorable economics.

ETFs and the Global Financial Cycle in EMs (The Review of Financial Studies)

Using country-level data, the authors find that where ETFs hold a larger share of financial assets, equity inflows and prices become more sensitive to global risk.

Facilitating Decarbonisation in Emerging Economies Through Smart Charging (IEA)

While the majority of the uptake of EVs is found in the United States, Europe and China, an increasing number are also penetrating markets in emerging economies.

Will Green Certificates Help China’s Clean Energy Transition? (OIES)

For years, China has had various policies to promote the private purchase of renewable electricity, most notably the green certificate programme.

Seed of the Future: Brazil’s Agriculture Fostering Climate Transition (BCG)

The potential of Brazilian agribusiness remains high. World demand for food will increase around 30% by 2050, bringing new challenges to the net zero agenda in agribusiness.

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