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  • 05 Jun 2023

  • Updated 16 Jun 2023

private markets

Where are investors seeking opportunities in private markets?

There seems to be a voracious appetite for private assets among institutional investors. Who can blame them? The volatility in and the correlation between public markets are forcing allocators to look elsewhere for attractive risk-adjusted returns. Private credit, hedge funds, real estate, and more are analysed in the research below

Private Markets Update – May 2023 (UBS AM)

Investors continue to look for opportunities among private assets, as a growing number of uncertainties hang over public markets.

The Future Of Private Credit (Nuveen)

A significant consequence of the global financial crisis (GFC) was the growth in demand for private credit. This market continues to expand today.

Asset-Based Finance: A Fast-Growing Frontier in Private Credit (KKR)

Asset-based finance stands behind the credit that a modern society runs on. It provides funding across the economy and, in turn, offers investors sources of return.

Private Credit: A Diverse and Versatile Toolkit for Investors (M&G Investments)

The current macro backdrop provides significant opportunities for private lenders to capitalise on growing demand for credit finance.

The Big Mac On Private Assets (MFS)

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Private debt has grown substantially as an asset class over the past decade, mainly due to the abnormally low level of yields offered by public fixed income markets.

2023 Outlook For Digital Assets (State Street)

In 2023, the industry needs to focus on robust infrastructure investment that emphasizes processing efficacy for the verification and validation systems of blockchain.

Japanese Private Real Estate Models and Portfolio Selection (GPIF)

Private real estate is gaining traction as one of the alternative investment assets which offer high income gain and low risk relative to traditional asset classes.

Canadian Private Equity Market Overview Q1 2023 (CVCA)

This report shows that Q1 saw reduced investment activity within the Canadian PE market, as total invested value declined 29% Q-o-Q, while the deal count declined 22%.

Are Private Equity Valuations Too High? (CAIA blog)

Evidence doesn’t support the assertion that private equity valuations are wildly out of line, which may enable investors to avoid a period of underperformance going forward.

Podcast: Women in Hedge Funds (Refinitiv)

How do hedge funds run by female managers perform relative to male managers? This podcast provides an answer to this question, as well as other hedge fund-related issues.

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