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Insights into the next chapter for economies and markets

This collection of insights provides investors with some of the most interesting forward-looking research which we have read this month. Below you can find timely analysis on digital innovation, trend-following, the equity risk premium, and more. All these topics fit into the current macroeconomic puzzle which allocators need to solve in order to identify attractive opportunities.

5 Digital Innovations to Shape a New Era of Growth (Robeco)

Cloud-based software, informed by Internet of Things, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence, is leading the transformation of the global economy.

Quality Never Goes Out of Style (First Eagle Investments)

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The changing macroeconomic conditions are trickling down into equity markets, prompting investors to reconsider the opportunity set.

Central Banks’ Stress Test (LGIM)

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Given that the removal of unprecedented levels of monetary stimulus has proved to be a global stress test for financial markets, will central banks reverse course?

The Epistemology of Investing: A Near Insurmountable Challenge (Mawer IM)

One of the biggest challenges in the investment industry is to generate applicable knowledge. This podcast explores how investors can develop an informational edge.

Trend-Following: What’s Not To Like? (Man Group)

Trend-following strategies perform as well as equities in the long term. However, data shows that they do so with lower overall risk. Should investors take a closer look at this space?

Revisiting the Equity Risk Premium (CFA Institute Research Foundation)

A collection of high-quality research by some of the world’s best asset managers into the nature of equity risk premium.

Economic Fundamentals & Stock Market Valuation: A CAPE Approach (Bank of Italy)

Assessing whether stock market valuations are coherent with the underlying economic conditions is important not only for asset managers, but for policymakers as well.

How Gen AI Is Already Transforming Marketing (Bain & Company)

Marketing is helping to lead the adoption of generative AI tools that create and personalise new content. Soon it will be the other way around: AI will lead marketing.

Plastic RISK: Measuring Risk in the Plastic Sector (Planet Tracker)

The plastics sector is facing risks from all sides as the transition towards a greener economy is underway. How should investors view this sector from a risk-reward perspective?


Micro Caps: Is now the time? (PGIM Quantitative Solutions)

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Private equity (PE) appeals to investors due to its potential for high risk-adjusted returns. However, with a similar historic return profile to PE, the current market environment may be pointing towards an allocation to micro cap stocks.

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