The (re)globalization Megatrend: A new world order

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  • 06 Jul 2023

  • Updated 03 Aug 2023

Finding long-term opportunities in a quickly shifting world

The world is changing quickly – but not in the way that many people think. Instead of deglobalization, a new form of globalization is emerging, and with it a host of new challenges alongside new prospects for investors willing to tackle this hugely complicated megatrend.

READ NOW: The (re)globalization megatrend: A new world order (Special Report, 2023).

Three critical parts of the world economy will play a major role in how re-globalization takes form – technology, energy, and finance. Exploring the supply chains that power these and how they may change in a new world is key.

Front cover of the (re)globalization Special Report

The (re)globalization Megatrend: A new world order (Special Report, 2023)

It appears that deglobalization is the inevitable reaction to our rapidly changing world. However, re-globlalization may in fact be what shapes the global economy.
In what form might this new regime take and how can investors most effectively capture the opportunities it will present?

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