Are investors winning the battle with inflation?

Some economies are seeing a decline in inflation—the UK among these—while others are experiencing the reverse. Japan has made headlines lately as their inflation rate climbed to levels unseen in three decades. As different inflation rates will drive monetary policy on divergent paths, global allocators are watching this space closely for future opportunities.

Japan’s Inflation Revolution (Macrobond)

Japan’s first real inflation in over 30 years is causing a revolution across the economy. Global investors are paying close attention to this development.

The Road Ahead: After The Fall – What Next For Inflation? (Man Group)

Was it transitory after all? The year-on-year rate of headline CPI has fallen by 610 basis points (bps) over the past 12 months.

Mispricing in Inflation Markets (Bank of England)

In this paper, the authors revisit the widely documented phenomenon of relative mispricing across nominal and inflation-linked bonds and inflation swaps in UK.

A Changing Inflation And Growth Climate (Franklin Templeton)

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The authors argue that there are some indicators that point to slowing inflation and the global economy entering a period of disinflation.

The Fed’s Pause May Be Temporary Even As Inflation Cools (Fidelity Investments)

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The data shows that although inflation readings have cooled slightly, they remain well above the Fed’s target.

Does Globalisation Explain the Low Inflation of the 30 years to 2022? (IIMR)

In this video, Tim Congdon shows how the money supply has been the main driver of inflation over the last few decades.

In 2022 Inflation Was Even Higher Than We Thought (NIESR)

This study finds a downward bias in the official CPI inflation figure from the second quarter to the end of 2022 due to the sudden changes in household energy expenditure.

How Inflation Distorts Relative Prices (VoxEU)

What is the impact of inflation on relative prices? In this podcast, Klaus Adam of the University of Mannheim provides a detailed answer to this question.

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