Zig-Zag: The Path Forward?

This latest collection of market and economic outlooks from leading asset managers provides investors with the necessary insights to make efficient capital allocation decision and reposition their portfolios. The general sentiment which characterises the pieces below is that of uncertainty: the direction of the global economy remains under a big question mark. Therefore, investors appear to be cautious in their optimism.

Mid-Year Investment Outlook 2023: Too Good to Be True? (JP Morgan AM)

2023 is turning out to be a better year for economies than investors expected. However, the risk of a recession remains very much alive.

2023 Midyear Outlook: High Hopes (Allspring Global Investments)

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As 2023 heads into its second half, the global economy appears to be slowing and the risks of recession are rising. Where can investors find opportunities?

2023 Midyear Investment Outlook (Invesco)

In the short-term disinflation is under way and economic growth may slow down. But investors are already looking beyond these developments and hoping for a recovery.

Economic And Market Outlook: Midyear 2023 Update (Vanguard)

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There’s progress in the fight against inflation, but it’s too early to declare victory. As such, investors ought to be cautious about the future.

Secular Outlook: The Aftershock Economy (PIMCO)

More volatility is coming as the global economy exits a period of massive fiscal and monetary support. Therefore, investors should look at the opportunity landscape with caution.

Climbing the Wall of Worries: Summer Economic Outlook (Allianz)

The data is not yet conclusive on what direction the global economy will take in the near future. Investors need to be prepared for the unexpected.

Credit Outlook: A Crisis of Confidence (KKR)

Investors’ confidence in the U.S. economy and the stability of its markets has been undermined by recent Fed decisions. Will this sentiment spread to other parts of the world?

Mid-year Outlook 2023: Out of Sync (HSBC AM)

Global economies along with fiscal and central bank policies are quite divergent at the moment. This means more chaos, but also more opportunities.

Q3 2023 Guide to the Markets (JP Morgan AM)

This is the third quarter outlook for U.S., UK, and European markets from the team at JP Morgan Asset Management.

2023 Global Mining and Metals Outlook (KPMG)

Mining and metals remain a fundamental part of the global economy. The health of this sector reflects on the rest of the industries and, eventually, financial markets’ volatility.

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