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Key insights: Stock markets after the earnings season

Can investors still find attractive, long-term opportunities in global equity markets? The MSCI World Index has been through a volatile period this year, but has increased. However, looking behind the headline numbers is key, with different geographies and investment methodologies offering distinct opportunities.

Solve for Next: Preparing for Equity Regime Changes (Intech)

Low volatility equity strategies focus on creating stock portfolios with lower volatility compared to the overall market.

Strategic Sector Selector: Is The Juggernaut Getting Tired? (Invesco)

Stock investors are contending with a new monetary policy regime. This paper looks at the key issues that allocators in this space need to consider.

A Look Inside The STOXX Global Artificial Intelligence Index (Qontigo)

While AI has been developing for decades, 2023 has brought the technology emphatically to the forefront. Is the sector in a bubble?

Russell 2000 Index Quarterly Chartbook – July 2023 (FTSE Russell)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

This index provides a pure and objective exposure to small cap stocks by using a transparent methodology.

Market Resilience or Investors In Denial? Mid-year Assessment (Aswath Damodaran)

In U.S. dollar terms, global equities have reclaimed $8.6 trillion in market value in the first six months of the year. What can investors expect from U.S. equities going forward?

Global Top 100 Companies by Market Cap (PwC)

This report analyses the position of the Global Top 100 Companies and highlights the changes in the composition of the list.

Finding Value in the Cross-Section of Fundamentals and Macro (Voya IM)

Traditional value metrics are influenced by macro sensitivities and sector biases that can affect how well they work in different environments.

Air Pockets, Free Falls, and More Cowbell (Hussman Funds)

There are certain features of valuation, investor psychology, and price behaviour that emerge, to one degree or another, when the fear of missing out becomes particularly extreme.

Sources of Return (Verdad)

In his seminal paper on the profitability factor, Robert Novy-Marx (2013) made two important arguments about value and quality, which are explored in detail here.

Microsoft and Meta’s AI Partnership, Explained (Wall Street Journal)

The U.S. technology firm, Microsoft, recently announced a new partnership and pricing for its AI-powered workplace software. What does this mean for the broader tech sector?

The Rise of the Walking Dead: Zombie Firms Around the World (IMF)

This paper explores the dynamics of zombification across time for listed and private firms, while zooming in on cross-country and cross-industry differences.

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